White Shoes For Men

Black shoes maybe a staple in a man’s wardrobe but if you want to stand out and look more fresh and modern, you need to get a pair of white shoes.

White shoes for men come in a variety of styles. The most common is sneakers but you can

also find them in the form of loafers, flats, and even oxford shoes. Depending on the style, white shoes for men can fit any occasion. White sneakers and loafers for example, are great for stylish casual and semi-casual occasions while white oxford flats are great for semi-formal or formal occasions like business parties, prom, and homecoming.

Wearing a nice pair of white shoes can make any outfit pop. Here are some ideas for each white mens shoe style and occasion:

Outfit ideas for white sneakers:

  • For a casual all-matching appearance, wear your white sneakers with a grey denim pants and simple white t-shirt on top. You can also optionally wear a black necklace or wrist watch to spice-up your outfit.
  • This outfit is great for work or semi-casual occasions: wear a pair of flat sneakers, beige pants, a plaid blue or black shirt, and optionally a black cardigan.
  • For semi-casual and stylish appearances, wear your white sneakers with black ripped pants, a striped black and white t-shirt, a black cardigan and a stone grey scarf. This is for all winter days and nights for going out in style.


Outfit ideas for white slip-ons and loafers:

  • To create an outfit for semi-casual occasions like going out for shopping or in a pop music concert,wear your white slip on shoes with black denim pants, a white t-shirt, and a graphic black shirt with a subtle pattern. You can also complete your outfit with a knitted black hat, especially if it’s cold outside.
  • Another semi-casual or semi-formal outfit e.g going for a date at a bar, would be to wear your grey loafers with grey pants and khaki/beige long button cardigan to create a muted down contrast.
  • This is an outfit idea sported by k-pop boy bands and one direction. Wear a pair of plain white loafers with denim navy blue jeans, a red shirt and grey cardigan or jacket on top. This is color blocking at its finest and you can wear this in all occasions where you will go out from day to night but nothing formal e.g at a friend’s birthday party.
White Shoes For Men

White Shoes For Men


Outfit ideas for men’s white oxford shoes:

In general, white oxford shoes are great for formal and semi-formal occasions like parties, music performances, and special events like prom and homecoming–if many people are going to see you in a formal setting like this, wearing some white oxford shoes or a similar style will make you stand out in a good way. Here are some ideas below:

  • A stylish formal outfit will be to wear your white oxford shoes with a grey suit jacket and matching pants, a white shirt inside, and a plaid pattern bow tie. This outfit compliments men of all ages.
  • For a semi-formal occasion like attending a work meeting here is a good outfit idea: wear it with a blue shirt, dark denim blue pants, and a plaid pattern bow tie to complete your outfit. This is an outfit idea that will make you look smart and polished so wear this anywhere you want to show your skills and personality.
  • This an outfit idea inspired by famous actor Ryan Gosling and is perfect for formal or semi-formal occasions. All you need is a black suit, a white shirt, a red bow tie optionally for a pop of color, and of course, your white oxford shoes.
  • If you are travelling or going for a drink or coffee, here is a smart semi-casual yet stylish idea for an outfit: pair your white oxford shoes with white pants, a light baby blue shirt and brown belt. This an outfit idea perfect for almost any season, except from Winter.

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