Why Not Get Leather Jackets For Men Or One Black Sleeveless Hoodie Today?

Hoodies and jackets are essential items in a male's wardrobe. From the youngest to the oldest, hoodies and jackets are worn by literally every male and why not? The suit any occasion and can be mixed and match to pull of both classic and more modern combos.

Many sometimes confuse these two and in fact they have some things in common but they have their differences as well. For example, a hoodie is made of thick cotton or polyester material with a zip closure in the middle or no zip closure and a hood. On the other hand, a jacket is made of various types of thick material like leather, cotton, polyester, waterproof synthetic material and has a zip or button closure in the middle with or without a hood. A hoodie is also more sporty and casual but a jacket is more flexible as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the of the clothes you choose to wear.  For a brief guide on these, here are the most common types of hoodies and jackets you will find in the market:

●The no-closure hoodie with a hood. This is one of the most common types of hoodies and when  people see the world hoodie, this is probably the first  type that comes in their mind.This hoodie is made of soft cotton or synthetic material for added comfort and sport style. This is also typically long-sleeve.

●The Short sleeve hoodie. This hoodie unlike the rest has short sleeves that like a t-shirt and can be worn either on its own or above a shirt or long-sleeve t-shirt. 

●The sleeveless hoodie. This hoodie resembles a vest as it has absolutely no sleeves and can be worn above a long-sleeve top or shirt for a layering look or even on its own at spring and summer.

●The hoodie jacket. This very popular jacket type combines the material and comfort of a hoodie with the look of a conventional jacket with a zip closure in the middle or less commonly buttons. Usually work with a t-shirt or shirt underneath. 

●The leather jacket. Mens leather jackets are very popular styles that have never been out of fashion. Its polished leather material and look makes it ideal for dressing up or down a male outfit. 

●The side-closure jacket. This a modern twist to the classic male jacket with a buttons or zip closure in the sides or other parts of the jacket. This types can also have multiple closures in the sides and across pockets. A modern KPOP style of jacket.

Finding the right  quality hoodie and jacket is not easy when there are so many options online. We’ve made the choice easier by featuring the most popular and modern jacket styles in our e-shop. Check out our: black hoodie, short sleeve hoodie, leather jackets for men and other types of men’s jackets in our online collection. You will be glad you did.


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