Do’s and Dont’s in Wearing Mens Zip Up Hoodies

Who does not love wearing hoodies? It feels warm and comfortable, especially during spring, autumn, and winter. Not to mention, we can wear it to go out either for shopping or simply hangout. There are 3 types of hoodie we can choose to wear. One of them is zip up hoodies. It is a hoodie that has a zip line from up down to the bottom in the middle of the apparel. This kind of hoodie is usually simple and casual. But, you can actually make it look more fashionable than ever. In order to do that, there are several things you need to learn beforehand. And, those are about what you may and may not do in wearing mens zip up hoodies.

1. Do Try Layer Your Hoodie
All this time mens are wearing hoodies as their main outerwear. To be honest, that typical clothing is already too common. Instead, why not trying to layer it? The layer we are talking about here is wearing hoodies and combining it with other type of outerwear.

There are several outerwears you can select to layer with your hoodies. The first one is hoodie with leather jacket mix. This layer will make you look such a cool guy. Moreover, it will bring out more of your masculine side as well. The best part about it is that it goes well for season after season.

The second layer is denim jacket and hoodie. This type of combination is a perfect choice for those who want to look casual and relaxed yet still pretty catchy. If you want to try this look, make sure that your denim jacket is the star. Use your hoodie to balance your overall look. To make the combination much better, we recommend you to wear denim jacket with lighter colors such as blue, white, or grey.

The last one is hoodie and bomber jacket. Yes, this is quite an odd combination. But, among the three layers, this one is a bit more modern. Hence, it is very stylish and definitely perfect for men who dare to try something new and unique. When you combine it with a zip up hoodie, do not close the zipper. Let it open so it can create an interesting layer without getting bulky. To make it more stylish, you can wear a bomber jacket with a unique pattern. However, if the jacket already has some patterns, the hoodie must not have them too. Otherwise, it will look too crowded.

Gorilla Vest Hoodie

Gorilla Vest Hoodie

2. Don’t Wear Hoodies with Logo of Favorite Band
In the era of 2000s, music bands like Linkin Park, Muse, or Green Day are very popular among teenagers. So, it is not surprising to see a lot of them wearing hoodies with a logo of their favorite band. Wearing such hoodies at that time is not a problem. But, wearing it in present is kinda out of season. The era of 2000s is totally over. Afterall, you are not a teenager who is in his rebel time or things like that. So, if you really want to look fashionable, this is a hoodie you must avoid.

Instead, try something new and different. There are some other hoodies available with much cooler pattern design. For example, you can wear a hoodie with pattern like tattoo on its one side. This kind of pattern design is fresher than the ones with rock band logo.

Traverse HoodieTraverse Hoodie

3. Don’t Wear University Hoodies
Wearing university hoodies in campus area or home is completely fine. But, wearing it out to public is a big no in fashion world. You will look out of place if you wear it on recreational park, mall, or even special events like dating.

There is nothing wrong about this hoodie. Yet, in fashion perception, its style is a bit gloomy and plain. It will not make you look stylish or fashionable. Of course if you are a type of person who like comfort and simplicity the most, then you may go with this.

4. Do Experiment with Various Designs
Generally, mens zip up hoodies have simple design with a line of zipper in the middle. But, in present, you will find ones with more varities of designs. As an example, you can see the hoodies in South Korea where most of the male selebrities wearing them. There is a hoodie with double zippers and collars, a hoodie with diagonal zip line, a hoodie with button collar, and many more. Are you bored with long-sleeve hoodies? Then you can take a look at sleeveless hoodies. This type will be perfect for summer season. All in all, just try them all and do fashion experiment on yourself.

Phantom Assassin Hoodie

Phantom Assassin Hoodie

5. Do Play with Colors
Besides designs, modern hoodies offer you more choices of colors too. In the old days, most men were wearing hoodies in typical colors like red, navy blue, grey, white, or black. Nowadays you will find some fresh colors like purple, dark yellow, or electric blue. Some hoodies even have two contrast colors (color block) so people will find it more attractive.

6. Do Try to Mix and Match
Hoodie is always considered as a sporty look. That’s why most men always pair it with training trousers. If you really want to enhance the fashion look, then you can do mix and match it with other styles such as denim or skinny jeans. You even can pair it with tailored trousers. This mix will give you casual as well as smart look.

Footwear is also important part you must not forget in styling yourself. To pair with hoodies, trainer shoes are always a good option. But, you can try something else like boots, sneakers, or even Oxford shoes.

7. Do Wear Fitted Hoodies
For comfortable purpose, most people will prefer the one with big size. Yet, well-fitted hoodie is a better choice in fashion purpose. It will fit onto your body perfectly which will turn you to be more attractive. You even can show off your muscular body with it.

Those are all the dos and donts you may consider to learn in wearing mens zip up hoodies. Please keep in mind that these are only fashion tips. If you prefer comfort over fashion, then you can simply go with any hoodies that make you cozy.

Omega Assassin Hoodie

Omega Assassin Hoodie